Oculus initiated VR For Good to help the most promising film makers and the world’s best untold stories find each other and use the immersive medium of VR to engage the world “for good”. VR For Good selected ten rising filmmakers and ten wonderful nonprofits to work together to tell impactful stories through VR. These teams, selected among hundreds of applicants, have the opportunity to create incredible 360 films and bring a variety of social causes to life. To help jumpstart their projects, Oculus is providing educational opportunities, funding, equipment, post production support, and one-on-one mentorship with industry veterans. More on the VR For Good program can be found at vrforgood.oculus.com.

Film Crew

Jayisha Patel

Jayisha Patel, Director & Producer

Jayisha Patel, is a multi award winning filmmaker whose short films have been shown at festivals such as Berlinale, New York Film Festival and LA Film Festival amongst others. Her

first documentary, A Paradise, was nominated for over 36 international prizes, including at the Oscar qualifying Palm Springs Film Festival and Chicago and promoted by the British Council as exemplary British filmmaking. She is the 2015 recipient of the Hot Docs International Film Festival’s Cross Currents Fund and Fellowship for her interactive documentary, Circle. She works as an independent filmmaker for Al Jazeera and the BBC and her works focus on daring, bold and under reported subjects in a delicate and respectful manner. Find out more about her work at www.jayishapatel.com. Visit the director's website for Notes to My Father at www.notestomyfathervrfilm.com

Gabo Arora Notes to my father

Gabo Arora, Executive Producer

Gabo Arora is the first-ever Creative Director at the United Nations; Founder & President of LightShed, a virtual reality and social impact start-up; and an award-winning filmmaker represented by Here Be Dragons. His work focuses on new technologies that promote social causes and make decision-making processes more inclusive. Among these projects is a viral video campaign for the recent climate change summit in Paris, and various collaborations with internet influencers to promote accountability on global humanitarian aid assistance. He is also founder of UNVR.org, the United Nations’ virtual reality lab, and has directed and produced a series of pioneering, and widely acclaimed, virtual reality documentaries focusing on vulnerable populations in crisis.

Reel FX Notes to my father

Reel FX, Post Production

Reel FX teamed up with Oculus for their  ‘VR for Good’ initiative, dedicating our internal talent and resources to inspire social change through immersive Virtual Reality content that promotes empathy. Editor Quan Tran teamed up with Jayisha Patel for Notes to My Father. 

Dalton Gaudin

Dalton Gaudin, Director of Photography 

Dalton is a Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Ethnographer, and Cameraman.  He is a trained ethnographer and documentary/corporate ethnographic interviewer with a Master's Degree in Visual Anthropology (MVA) from the University of Southern California. His life is dedicated to telling interesting stories, capturing unique images and meeting new people.

Other Credits

Directed and produced by Jayisha Patel

Writer: Jayisha Patel

Editor: Quan Tran

Music composer: Jo Paterson

Director of Photography: Dalton Gaudin

360 Sound Recordist: Vineet Vashishtha

Sound Designer: Adam Woodhams

Executive Producer: Lauren Burmaster, Gabo Arora, Jayisha Patel

Producer: Amy Seidenwurm

Producer: Paula Cuneo

Producer: Joanne Sprague

Producer: Tiffany Kieran

Music mix: Richard Aitken

Cellist: Rebecca Knight

Digital Imaging Technician: Rohit Singh

VR Technical Advisor: Ryan Hartsell

Location Technical Director: Saurabh Ranjan

VR Producer: Jayisha Patel

Location Line Managers: Hannah Norling, Anirudh Surabhi

Post Production Producer: Leigh Mergehenn

Production Manager: Julia Gibson

Impact Producer: Tiffany Kieran

Associate Producer: Shelly McGee

Casting: Jayisha Patel, My Choices Foundation, R.E.D.S

Lead Contributors: Ramadevi Ketlamari, Kullayappa Ketlemari

Post Production: ReelFX

Some scenes shot on the Nokia OZO

Special Thanks

Nokia Ozo

Nimrod Productions

Liminal VR Studio, Mumbai

Rural and Environetmn Development Society (REDS)

Elca Grobler, Ryan Hartsell, Tom Besley, R.E.D.S